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Coastal Update

 The San Francisco Coastal Fishing & Foraging Tour

To find available dates, click "BOOK NOW" and see the calendar.  If there are no listings the class is sold out or I'm not available (just a head's up: Kirk rarely does more than one SF class per month). 


This is a fun, fish-centric class by Kirk Lombard author of the critically acclaimed Sea Forager's Guide To The Northern California Coast. The class goes over the basics of coastal fishing/foraging in the Bay Area: rules and regulations, sustainability, history of the fisheries, seasonality etc. Kirk has been featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, the Food Network, KQED, NPR and Travel Channel, and was voted Best Walking Tour in San Francisco by the SF Weekly!

Learn the basics of how to "poke pole" for the flavorful monkeyface eel, how to catch rock crabs and throw a "Hawaiian casting net" (so you can catch your own local herring). Discover the best local mollusks, and how to be sure you aren't eating risky ones! Also: where to find stands of edible sea weeds, the advantages of eating your bait, what's in season when, and why you should consider catching your own dinner.


Ages 9 and up. Wear comfortable walking shoes and layers for warmth. Rain or shine. Meet at the Mission Rock Boat Launch Ramp (more details in confirmation email.)


Tour cost is $50 per person. See ya out there!

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