Sign up for Sea Forager CSF in three easy steps:


1.  LOCATION:  Choose from one of our convenient pickup locations in San Francisco, the East Bay, Marin, the Coastside, and the 

South Bay. 


2.  PACKAGE: Choose your size, type, frequency & quantity. *NO SIGN UP FEES!*

  • Size: dinner for 2 or dinner for 4

  • Type: Neptune's Delight (can be fillet or shellfish or small whole fish) or The Slab (always a fillet)

  • Frequency: weekly or biweekly (every other week), with holds and add-ons as needed

  • Quantity: how many packages would you like to receive?  You can opt for as few as 4, or as many as 52 boxes to cover an entire year!

  • Our eco packaging is fish and planet-friendly: 60% will biodegrade in 90 days and 40% will completely break down in 5-10 years. Sustainable seafood, sustainably packaged!


3.  REEL IT IN:  Bring home fresh seafood and enjoy easy, satisfying recipes and prep tips.

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Local, fresh, and sustainable!  San Francisco Bay Area CSF

Our packaging is fish and planet-friendly! Truly sustainable. 
Neptune’s Delight: Dinner for 2

The Neptune's Delight can include fillets OR shellfish (mollusks or crustaceans), OR small whole fish, (never all at once).  $26.00        

The Slab: Dinner for 2

Allergic to shellfish?  Get the slab!  Strictly fish fillets.  2 servings, approximately 1 lb, $26.00 


Neptune’s Delight: Dinner for 4

The Neptune's Delight can include fillets OR shellfish (mollusks or crustaceans), OR small whole fish, (never all at once).  $51.00

The Slab: Dinner for 4

Strictly fish fillets! This package will come as a large fillet, or several smaller fillets. 4 servings, approximately 2 lbs, $51.00 

Having a dinner party? 

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Your membership to Sea Forager Seafood is a bold statement for sustainability and good taste, and we appreciate your commitment to supporting our oceans and fisheries, and fishermen and women.  Here’s to you!

Plus, you’ll get these awesome bonuses!

  • Weekly e-newsletter including recipes from the Fishwife’s kitchen, information on how and where your fish was caught, and the odd piscatorial haiku. Next thing you know we’ll be drinking your beer and singing in your kitchen!

  • Discounted tours - 50% off for members

  • Fun, fishy events

  • Access to our amazing WEB STORE for additional seafood, insulated cooler bag, aprons, hats, gifts, and more!

  • For more details, see our Benefits page

PLEASE NOTE:  Your weekly package will vary.  Why?  Because Neptune himself could not foretell what will be in it from week to week.  The ocean is unpredictable, but my standards of freshness and sustainability are not. For the same reason you don’t want tomatoes in December, we won’t promise herring in July (unless it’s pickled!)


Sustainability demands that we collaborate with local fishermen and appreciate the capricious whims of the ocean; sometimes the swell is too big, quotas are reached, or the bite turns off. Sometimes the only fish at the docks are species that were caught unsustainably. It’s at these times that we will need your support the most. When that happens we will postpone your delivery or give you the option of cured, smoked, pickled products from fresh catches earlier in the season. If a pickup is cancelled or delayed, we will notify you by email as soon as possible.


Terms and Conditions