Thursday, July 3rd, 6-10pm


Sea Forager at the Exploratorium's

San Francisco-themed

After Dark party! 

Just because we live in a city doesn't mean we aren't surrounded by incredible (and tasty) wildlife! Join local sea foragers and sustainable seafood purveyors Kirk and Camilla Lombard, and find out how to forage beyond the grocery store seafood aisle and into the incredible coastal bounty of San Francisco.  Learn how to “poke pole” for rockfish, cabezon, and the elusive monkeyface eel, catch Dungeness crabs from shore by using a homemade crab snare, throw a Hawaiian casting net, and identify edible seaweeds and which shellfish are safe to eat and when. Plus, how to forage sustainably and protect our fragile fisheries. Have some grog and we'll talk - and sing - about fish and the fascinating history of fisherman's wharf!  


July 17th, 6-10pm

Sea Forager @

Cal Academy's


(21 & over)

The theme for tonight is "how to", so join us - cocktail in hand - as we share how to catch your own dinner!  Learn how to make your own poke pole for catching the monkeyface eel with Kirk Lombard, monkeyface eel record holder, and how to make your own crab snares for catching crabs, and how to throw a Hawaiian casting net for herring or day smelt - all available on the San Francisco shoreline. Plus, sea chanteys by The Fishwives!

 See what you've been missing & join us next time!


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