The #1 question I get asked on my Sea Forager tours is, “where can I buy fresh, sustainable fish?”


The issue is fraught, but the answer is simple:  from ME!

Welcome!  Why Me?

Kirk Lombard... nerd, educator, forager, fisherman, entertainer and founder of Sea Forager Tours, now offers super fresh, sustainable seafood every week at a pick-up location near you. Sea Forager Seafood is a Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) membership program that offers delicious seafood that you can feel great about.
Members get
 the story behind the fish and what makes it sustainable, plus recipes, prep tips, fun events, and tour discounts so you can appreciate our local bounty and even catch some yourself. Plus, it’s fun!  Join me and the Fishwife at regular fishy events around town, grab a drink, sing a sea chantey with us and talk seafood with your friendly and loquacious fishmonger. 



While sourcing your seafood can be a real drag for you (no pun intended), finding the best sustainable seafood is a passion for me.  I source my seafood from local fishermen who meet rigorous standards and from sustainability vanguards 2xSea to guarantee you the highest-quality seafood that you can feel great about (check out our sustainability criteria).


Many of you have taken my Sea Forager tours or heard me speak on the subject of local fishes, stewardship, feeding lower on the food chain, legality vs. ethics, and seen my dedication to sustainable seafood firsthand.  I worked as a fisheries observer for the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission for 7 years and I have blogged about fish and fishing on the Monkeyface News for four years.  On a small scale level I’ve fished commercially for the last ten years, focusing on various open access species: rock crab, surf smelt, night smelt, ling cod, halibut and eels.  My kayak is a registered commercial fishing vessel, and some of my closest friends are local artisanal fishermen. So if you want transparency in seafood, you'll find it here!


Sustainably sourced, this weekly seafood package will rock your mouth, fill your belly and ease your mind.  Sign up today

So you don’t know what to do with octopus or herring? Don’t worry! I’ll show you and you’ll never miss the pelagic long-lined swordfish or the guilt that goes with it.  Similar to a CSA, you may try something new and find a new favorite. Discover the importance of eating seasonally and how incredible truly fresh seafood can be! 

2010 - present

2010 - present

Here’s what I’ll provide every week:

 • Fresh, sustainable seafood that you can        

   feel great about

 • Recipes to get you started

 • Information about the fish and the fisherman

 • Event details for our monthly fishy fun around

   town - cheers!


Here’s what you provide:

•  A love of seafood

•  An adventurous attitude and an open mind