Sustainable seafood?

We’re supporting healthy, abundant oceans by partnering with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program, and sourcing only environmentally responsible seafood. Learn more at  The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program helps consumers and businesses make choices for healthy oceans.


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In fact, our standards are even stricter than theirs. We are the only CSF that does not serve dragged fish, and we will be packaging our fillets in compostable-biodegradable bags in July, 2019.


Transparency in seafood is a major issue, and globally most seafood is mislabeled: 80% of the red snapper served in restaurants isn’t red snapper and 60% of tuna isn’t tuna. A recent trip to a market in San Francisco revealed that the fish that I personally caught four nights earlier on a beach in Marin County, were “fresh lake smelt.”  Amazing!  Not only were they still fresh after 4 days, but some fresh water smelt somehow swam into my dip net!

So what is “sustainable” seafood?  Working with my local fisher-friends and my partners at Two x Sea the criteria are as follows:


Two X Sea’s Sustainability Criteria 

  • The harvesting of all fish we sell has left more than enough fish for future generations, and caused no habitat destruction 

  • There is no loss of marine life through bycatch in the harvesting process

  • Farming products we sell did not involve: use of chemicals or medicines, adverse use of feed from wild sources, introduction of non-native species into local fisheries, or inflict economic adversity on families and communities

  • The person who caught the fish was paid fairly for the work they did to bring it to you

  • The fish can be traced back to the vessel that caught the fish, and proper guarantees are in place regarding the honest origin of the fish

  • The fish comes from as local an area as possible, thus reducing carbon emissions and restoring regional cuisine



Or, to put it a bit more vividly:
  • The spot prawns were caught by trap within 20 miles of Santa Cruz

  • The night smelt are so fresh they still smell of cucumber

  • The salmon were caught by fisherman Mikey aboard a ship built in 1922 in the eye of a wild Pacific gale, four miles off Bolinas

  • The petrale sole were caught by the only Scottish seine on the entire Pacific Coast of North America

  • The octopus is local and still crawling when it comes off the boat

  • You could have a beer with most of your fishermen because they operate nearby

  • Your fillets will arrive in a compostable/biodegradable bag (after July 2019) - less plastic waste!

  • When you eat seaforager seafood, it isn't just a package of fish you're getting but the whole story.

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2010 - present