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Named for the smallest antelope on earth, Kirk's Dik Dik is a new earth-shattering, tuba-driven, one-string diddley bow shredding, stylophone blasting, blues harp wailing rock band featuring Kirk Lombard (of San Francisco band Rube Waddell) and Cary Kirk (of acoustic-punk outfit Kemo Sabe). Kirk's Dik Dik: Bestiary, is a collection of songs examining the fraught relationship between man and beast, brought to life with Ethel Merman meets Paul Robeson vocals, tuba, harmonica, stylophone, one-string electric slide guitar (fashioned out of an old Louisville Slugger) face melting electric guitar, drums and the occasional mandolin and banjo. Bluesy psychedellic 70s hard rock meets dirty blues with a few surprises (Russian folk, classic country), all complimented by colorful cover art by Leighton Kelly (“the Leonardo of Oakland” who did all the illustrations in The Sea Forager's Guide to the Northern California Coast). Behold: Kirk's Dik Dik: Bestiary.

Kirk's Dik Dik: Bestiary (digital album)