• Bea Johnson (member recipe!)

Salt-packed anchovies

Thanks to CSF member Bea Johnson for this easy recipe, which you can also find in her book Zero Waste Home.


  • Fresh anchovies

  • Coarse sea salt (I also had Himalayan, so I mixed them)


  1. Remove the scales, head and guts of the anchovies and rinse

  2. In a jar, pack alternate layers of salt and anchovies (start and end with a thick layer of salt).

  3. Seal and refrigerate for three weeks before consuming (some of the salt will melt and turn into brine)

  4. When ready to eat, reach for an anchovie, peel its flesh off the bone under running water (compost the bone and water your plants with the collected water) and soak until de-salted to your taste (a few minutes). We like them in our salads or on our pizzas. That’s it!