• seaforagerfish

OYSTERS! Raw, broiled, or BBQ'd

Chill the champagne and think of something to celebrate, because you've got live oysters! Our advice is simply to shuck 'em and enjoy them raw or with a squeeze of lemon to get the full flavor of the sea. You can also enjoy them grilled or broiled. Note: discard any oysters that are already open if eating raw. If cooking, discard any that do not open.

Need a shucking primer? ...VIDEO shuck, and enjoy! (Also, we recommend using an oven mitt the first few times.)

They are even easier to shuck if you grill or broil them, here's how:

  • Fire up your grill on medium-high heat (or oven broiler)

  • Place cupped side down on the grate and cover (or in your oven)

  • Grill a couple minutes, until they begin to open. Put on a plate, cool, then use an oyster knife or flathead screwdriver to open shells, try not to spill the liquid! That's the good stuff.

  • Gently cut the oyster away from the shell and top with warm butter, hot sauce, and lemon.

Storage: While you're chilling the champagne you can keep your oysters cool by putting them in a bowl covered with a damp towel in the fridge. As with all shellfish, they are highly perishable and are best enjoyed immediately.