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Roast Crab, Italian style (member recipe courtesy of Paul Schenebeck)

For two crabs Pre heat your oven to 350F. If crabs are live dispatch your crabs and clean out the lungs and wash away any crab innards that don't appeal to you. I roast the shell and the crab butter along with the rest of the crab. Ingredients: 1 bunch Flat leaf Italian Parsley- chopped roughly 1 bunch scallions, green onions- chopped 2-5 garlic cloves depending on you taste for garlic. I use 5. 1 cup dry white wine - whatever you have- you can use cheap Trader Joe's Sav blanc, and then drink the good stuff if have it. 1/2 stick butter or olive oil 1/4-1/2 cup. I cook Northern Italian, so I use butter. 1 tomato- sliced The juice of 1 lemon- I like Meyer lemons, but regular Eureka lemon will work. 1/2 Tsp white pepper- black, or no pepper will work, or God forbid a chili. Don't use salt, remember the crabs live in salt water. Your favorite SF sourdough French bread or any bread you like for dipping in the broth. Stale is OK because you are dipping in hot broth. Method:

Use a good roast pan. Black, cast Iron if you have one. The crab looks good served in that as well. Melt the butter or oil in the pan. Sauté the scallions, garlic and parsley for 3 minutes then add the tomato and the pepper. Sauté one minute more. Add the wine bring to a simmer. Add the crabs. Put the cover on the roasting pan. Roast for 30 minutes at 350F. Take the cover off. Squeeze the lemon juice into the broth. Taste the broth to see if it needs salt, pepper, or more butter. Serve --dip your bread in the broth. Eat all the bread. Screw the carbs! Now drink the good white wine with the crab. Happy eating, Paul