MEMBER BENEFITS:  it’s not just fish, it’s an experience! ​

1. Half-price Tours! 

Members get 50% off Kirk’s S.F. Coastal Fishing & Foraging Tour plus discounts on all other tours and guided trips!



2. Monthly fish parties! 

Learn about your seafood, sing along to sea chanteys, meet the fishermen, and raise a glass to our local bounty at various events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  From museums to pubs, dinner parties, special presentations and more!



3. Community 

Swap recipes on our Facebook page, enjoy videos about your fish, and meet other seafood-curious people at our monthly fish parties and other special events.



4. Superior Value (it’s a screaming deal):

Because the sustainable seafood that I provide is caught by my friends, by me, or landed by the good folks at TwoXSea, I’m getting the best price at the dock.  That means the price for my customers is going to be extremely low.



5. Recipes:

Members receive a special email before every pickup detailing that status of your fish, relevant recipes, events, news, and more. So if you aren't sure what to do with this week's sand dabs or local octopus, fear not!  That's what we're here for.



6. Fish Stories:  

One of the problems with the industrial commodification of our ocean resources is that we've lost track of the story behind the fish.  I don't know about you, but a fish sure seems to taste a lot better when I know a few details about it.  Like where it came from, how long it lived, how the stocks are doing, what was the gear type used to catch it, what were the ocean conditions when it was caught, and more.  This is the kind of information you will get every week when you sign up for Sea Forager Seafood CSF.