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Coastal Update

The Mega Low Tide (Half Moon Bay) Expedition Tour

Learn all about intertidal mudflat hunting and gathering in this remarkable, one-of-a-kind walking tour with author, eel master, fisherman and former PSMFC fisheries observer Kirk Lombard.



  • Mudflat 101: “Reading” the mudflats: ghost shrimp, mud clams and horsenecks, oh my!


  • The Ethics of Gathering: Proper etiquette in the mud. The why and the wherefore of CA’s complicated regulations, and why you need to follow the rules!


  • Between Pacific Tides: Clams, urchins, seaweeds and everything in between. Also: learn the finer points of “poke-poling” for monkeyface eels, cabezon and rockfish.



Here's a video from the New York Times showing a bit about me and my love of the mudflats

And here are some recent videos:


1. NPR


Ages 10 and up. Children must be passionate about catching cool intertidal creatures and interested enough to maintain focus while I speak about topics like sustainability, migration pattens, and the many rules and regulations governing coastal species. And please note: we do a lot of walking.


IMPORTANT: Dress warmly! I do not generally cancel tours because of rain. This is a rugged outdoor tour, in an area that tends to be foggy or windy and cold. The water, as we all know, is frigid. In short: there is never a time of year when a tee shirt and shorts will suffice. Rubber boots or waders are recommended and I also suggest bringing a change of clothes, socks and a towel.

Please note: this is a class, not a guided fishing trip. If you want to forage and fish, you must wait till the class is over and make sure you have a valid CA fishing license. Tickets are $60 per person.

Unsure or want to see what other tour dates/times are available? Please go to our Tour Calendar!

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