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Coastal Update

Kirk's Private Tours and Adventures

Before sending me a e-mail about how you'd like to book a private trip for your partner, parent, or both of them read below:


For people who want to schedule large private groups (work events, birthday parties etc.) e-mail me at or use the form below. I typically take up to 20 attendees but prefer groups of 15. You can have  a choice of the SF Tour or the Mega Tour.

For people who want a more intimate private guided experience, here's the deal: in order to do this I have to give up a minimum of one half day. So please understand that the price structure is based on how much my time is worth to me. So private tours are a minimum of $500 (for two people). If that seems steep you have several options:

  1. Sign up for one of my group tours.

  2. Convince me that you are desperate to learn the ways of the eel/smelt/clam and need some sort of discount and hope that I'm in a generous mood  

  3. Read my book! 


Want to see what other tours I'm doing?  Go to our Tour Calendar!



(only after contacting me first!)

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