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Coastal Update

Captain Kirk's Coastal Odyssey

Get fishy... with intertidal guru and former CA Dept. Of Fish & Game fisheries inspector, Kirk Lombard, aka: "Captain Kirk".


What is a limpet? How many shells does it have? Based on our observations, where do limpets appear to live? What adaptations have they evolved in order to survive in such extreme conditions?


Our two hour mission, to seek out fascinating life forms, to explore the intertidal region, to boldly go where only fishermen and biologists have gone before! This catered class/tour meets in select locations around the Bay Area (SF, Pillar Pt, Pacifica, Emeryville Pier, Alameda Rock Wall, etc) to explore the what, why, when and where of marine fauna.


Ages 9 and up!



I will cater the class to meet the specific needs of each group. For classes that require a structured lay out, I will provide a question and answer sheet (available upon request). For classes that prefer a less formalized approach, I have a number of different options. You want mostly coastal ecology? I can do that. You want an art component? No problem. You want to focus on the basics of fishing?  That's fine too.  Please contact me first to discuss details, dates, and rate.


Unsure or want to see what other tour dates/times are available, go to our Tour Calendar!


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